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Dong Guan Unigarden Lighting Com. Ltd

一、主题:家园灯饰  艺术化生活

Theme: Unigarden lighting, artistic lifestyle


Extraction of the world’s prime furnishings civilization


Create the new real life artistic home furnishings

家园灯饰 艺术生活殿堂

Unigarden lighting, Palace of artistic lifestyle


Each lighting equipment is a unique artwork


No matter the stylish taste or inherited from classic


It is a refined sculptured high quality life


Company profile


Unigarden lighting company had been established since 1999, located in the most famous world manufacturing city Dong Guan. The company have over thousand employees, we sparkplug an artistic lifestyle, seeking for the perfect combination of the lighting & furnishing decorations with innovation spirit & oriental civilization, pledged for innovation, keep developing further. We have been one of the most well known lighting & furnishings decorations suppliers


Products category & duction capacity


Our company mainly produced lighting equipments, real wood furnishings & accessories, over ten thousand of products for those 3 different categories. We have over 900 professional technicians & growing design team. We are providing over 1600 kind of new home furnishings artworks. We have a  wide resource of raw materials from colophony, ceramic, iron, crystal glass, acryl, mosaic, real wood, bamboo, marble an son on to satisfy different customer’s requests


Operation procedure


The customer’s demand is always our final mission, starting from the first time you chosen Unigarden lighting, we are well prepared to provide top services for you. Unigarden lighting has a marketing team which was well educated with internationally market & business principles, they are devoted into the customer’s requests to offer the best business solutions for market, products, merchandising & after sale services


Based on the customer’s illustration & imagination, we start to work out from the design & development phase. The company has a development team over 60 people & 3 famous domestic artists, most of the our new designs were provided by the top American designers. From hand sketch to computer aid design, Each unique new products contains the designers & artists’ painstaking effort & creation concept.


Before the products get into the mass production line , the samples will be sent to QE lab room for salting test, high pressure test, incline test to guarantee the products safety & workable. The mass production products will go through slurry perfusion, milling , hand sketch , coloring, drying & assembly process to guarantee a perfect quality & naturally taste


The high quality standard is not only a promise to the customer from Unigarden but also a self discipline to the enterprise itself. Before the products have been delivered to customers, the products will encounter a severe components test, semi products test, finished products test, packing test, delivery test, only the passed products can be allowed to sent to customer


Relying on our super marketing ability & state of art design concept, the Unigarden lighting company has already occupied North American market firmly, we also have a lot of customers information from Europe, middle east, Australia, Japan & Korea, the comments are positive from all countries & regions


Social rights protection & leisure time recreation


Unigarden lighting is not only the family of flash lighting equipments, it is also the family of all our employees. The company considered each employee as partner of the company & we shared the profit together. We set up a reasonable salary system & strictly compliance with social security. The same time we have purchased a lot of PPE for our employees to protect them in a safety production environment & maintain the employees benefits. The colorful leisure time recreation activities enhanced the unification of our valuable workers


The ending


Looking into the future, Unigarden lighting will continue her effort on building up a top enterprise family as usual with our employees together, We’ll cooperate with global customers for a mutually rewarded future.



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